The town of Malagón, in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, is located in the north of the province of Ciudad Real, only 23 km from the main city, where the southern foothills of the Montes de Toledo descend on to the plains of La Mancha and the historical Campo de Calatrava, in the basin of the Upper Guadiana River.

Malagón has a privileged natural environment with unique ecosystems and natural beauty spots, which include the Nature Reserve of Las Navas de Malagón, made up of lakes of volcanic origin. Its location is also important in an area called Entreparques, surrounded by two nature reserves, Cabañeros and Las Tablas de Daimiel, and the Natural Park of Las Lagunas de Ruidera.


Teresian Malagón

Doña Luisa de La Cerda, widow of Arias Pardo de Saavedra, Lord of Malagón, convinced Teresa of Jesus to found her third convent in the town. On 1 April 1568, Doña Luisa, St Teresa and another six nuns arrived at the town having decided to found the new monastery, which was provisionally installed in one of the houses Doña Luisa owned in the town's main square. The convent was opened on Palm Sunday of that same year. As the hustle and bustle of the square was not particularly favourable for the intimacy of the community, the Saint herself chose a more withdrawn place on the town's outskirts. Sponsored by the Lord and Lady of Malagón, a new church and convent were designed and built on the site by Nicolás de Vergara, the master builder of the Hospital Tavera of Toledo. The church is home to a magnificent altarpiece on the main altar, a masterpiece by the Toledan sculptor Germán López Mejías, considered one of the most beautiful examples of the late Spanish baroque style.
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    Turist Office
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    Malagón, Ciudad Real.

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