Alba de Tormes

Alba de Tormes is an old mediaeval town in the province of Salamanca. It was the seat of the ducal states of the powerful Álvarez de Toledo family (Duke and Duchess of Alba).

St Teresa of Jesus was linked to the town through her sister, Juana de Ahumada and her husband, Juan de Ovalle, the Duke of Alba's accountant, with whose wife she exchanged letters and friendship.

In Alba de Tormes, she founded the Convent of La Anunciación in 1571, which was where she was to die later in her life. As a result, it became a Teresian place of privilege since, besides the sepulchre, visitors can worship the major relics (St Teresa's heart and left arm).

Situated 20 km from the renaissance, university city of Salamanca and 80 km from the city of Ávila, Alba de Tormes offers a unique view of the town on the banks of the River Tormes and invites visitors to walk along the route of Las Aceñas or Isla de Garcilaso or take a trip on the River to enjoy the countryside.

Alba de Tormes also offers visitors its traditional local gastronomy, handmade pottery and the festival of St Teresa.
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